more about me,

Hi and welcome to my little part of the internet! 

I’m a Lebanese-Canadian with a heart that’s as big as my hair. From drawing up my own clothing line of couture gowns when I was five to photographing some of the most beautiful wedding gowns, I guess you could say my artistic journey came full circle.

I am a lover of simplicity and staying true to the moments we experience and cherish. I orchestrate moments in a way that encourages who ever steps in front of my camera to let themselves be unapologetically themselves and in turn not only creating timeless moments but ones that still feel real and beautifully raw. 

Outside of my passion for photography you’ll find me swooning over some poetry or writing my own and occasionally picking up a paint brush

I’ve dabbled in many forms of photography but nothing quite stuck the way wedding photography did. it’s from this explorative past that I’ve drawn from my best lessons learned to hone in on my skill: posing you without the awkwardness. 

I am most passionate about bringing people to a place of self love and helping them see themselves as they truly are,

a work of art


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