Sassafraz, yorkville, toronto

The request to photograph Michelle and Matt's wedding came 1 week before my vacation, with the wedding taking place just 2 days before my flight 😅 Knowing Stacey (a former bride AND an amazing wedding planner) was doing the planning, I knew in an instant that Michelle, Matt and I were a good match and whenever Stacey and I get to work together, we make a kick ass team! So really, it was a no brainer,☺️

Why so sudden you might ask?

Michelle and Matt both live in New York but were visiting their family in Toronto for the holidays. After being together for over 10 years and killing whatever hope their families had for a wedding, they decided it was now or never since everyone was gathered in one city at the same time ( from what I was told this was a rare occurrence) I can only imagine the level of shock ( and excitement) their friends and family experienced when they were told they will be attending a wedding in two weeks time and the wedding was indeed theirs 😂